The Teacher Next Door Program has helped over


Teachers, Nurses, Soldiers and First Responders with their home buying needs.

Teacher Next Door was built on one simple promise. To create an all-inclusive program to make home buying easy and affordable for teachers and school employees, in every community across the United States.

The original organizers, both married to teachers themselves, saw first-hand how much of their own money teachers spend in their classrooms. The long hours, parent conferences, school events and grading papers from home at night. They also witnessed how the entire school staff made tremendous contributions, both to the school and their communities. In 2008, Teacher Next Door began offering housing solutions for teachers and school employees, including both private and government grants, down payment assistance and many other free benefits, all in one place, working seamlessly together. Since then, Teacher Next Door has grown to be the largest National Home Buying Program in the U.S., connecting over 23,000 teachers and other public service employees with program benefits in the last twelve months.

Along with our housing mission, we strive to be a force for good in our communities. We just wrapped up our 2019 Supply our Schools Drive (SOS), collecting and donating hundreds of boxes of school supplies to schools around the country. We are also proud to partner with United Way in their Student Reading Mentor Program, and many other projects throughout the year.

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